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Personal Development & Growth for the Business Community

Techmar works with the business community to identify, quantify and develop employee harmonics through its use of the DISC personality profiles program. Utilizing either in-person team "talks," or video conferencing avenues, Techmar provides the tools for success for team-building, problem solving, call center assimilation and sales generation meetings. 

Our Staff

With a team of specialists who understand the many nuances that go into creating a successful cultural environment, Team Techmar visits all areas of personality identification and development in identifying and addressing specific employee personality characteristics. Experienced in working with the entire spectrum of the business community from companies, organizations, public and private institutions spanning start ups to Fortune 500 companies, Team Techmar has the experience to bring quantifiable benefits to every organization we service.

Above and Beyond

Techmar's hands-on Personality Profiles Seminars (TPPS) not only empowers employees to better manage their own personality type tendencies but also changes the dynamics of their interaction with other personality types. This new awareness instantly harmonizes the work environment.

TPPS benefits goes far beyond providing a more amenable employee. Participating management are now empowered with the knowledge to assure proper positioning of each existing and new employee which, will result in substantial increases in productivity and decreases in turnover. 



Project Targeting

Understanding your corporate culture, staff challenges and organizational goals is a key first step to success. Techmar's project targeting studies identifies issues, challenges, and potential gating factors to arrive at a clear going-forward roadmap that assures success. 


Hands-on Personality Profiles "Talks"

Our hands-on Personality Profiles "Talks" are a useful tool that engages all parties in a hands-on personalities discussion that clearly explains the differences and values of all personality types. 

Participants enjoy comparing willing members personality differences in a light-hearted, fun filled manner that highlights how their unique personalities play into the groups overall interaction and success.  


Video Conferencing Discussions

For groups located in multiple locations who are unable to join in on in-person hands-on Personality Profile "Talks", Techmar offers a comprehensive video conferencing package that fits most corporate requirements. 

Provided with all the necessary tools, participants are able to follow along with the speaker to complete their own personality profiles, discuss differences and understand the value of working together with people who have a unique view on any given subject.

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